This form is for DEIS Post-primary schools only

Expression of Interest for participation in Summer Provision 2020 in DEIS Post Primary Schools. 

Summer 2020

School Details:

Summer Education Programme Details:

Number of pupils to be enrolled:
What criteria was used to identify and select these pupils:
School staff inputting into selection process (tick all that apply):
If other, please specify:
Should additional funding be made available, would you be in a position to extend the programme to a second week:
Would the intention be to:
Is SCP currently available in school:
Is there currently plans for a summer programme run by SCP:
Will provision be required for transport*

* Note: see terms and conditions re transport. Schools may make their own local transport arrangements. Transport should only be arranged for students who are already availing of school transport under the Department’s post-primary School Transport Scheme
In line with the aims as set out in the associated Guidelines for this Summer Programme, please set out briefly how these will be addressed.  The aims are:
  • Provide targeted students with the opportunity to reconnect with school, with teachers and peers and to re-establish these important relationships.
  • Support students’ physical, social and emotional wellbeing
  • Support students to reintegrate/transition into their planned education setting for the next school year with their peers. 
  • Build confidence amongst the learners so that they can continue into the next phase of their education.
  • Provide students with the practical and technological skills they need to engage in a meaningful way with blended learning in the future.

Closing date for applications is Wednesday 01 July 2020.


I confirm that this expression of interest has the support of the Board of Management of the school and they will accept full responsibility for the summer programme and will run it in accordance with the framework and criteria outlined in the Reconnecting with School: Guidance on Summer Programme for post primary schools participating in the DEIS programme.

The school will apply their policies on Child Protection, Health & Safety, Anti-Bullying, Behaviour and Critical Incidents and Healthy Eating to the Summer Programme.  Each teacher will have copies of these policies and they will be available for review.

In accordance with the Children First Act, 2015, the school’s risk assessment and Child Safeguarding Statement take account of any such activity or service and specify the risks of harm identified and the procedures that are in place to manage those risks.

Vetting requirements will be fulfilled for any individual contributing to the work of the camp and parents will be informed of all relevant policies and procedures. They will be informed that a Child Safeguarding Statement will be in place during the summer programme activities.
A health and safety officer to be designated in terms of the participating teachers who is available on site for the duration of the programme and named on the relevant policy document.

All participating teachers are registered with the Teaching Council
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